Unit 6: Integrating WEEGE into Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Unit 6 addresses how to: understand WEEGE opportunities and challenges in monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL); utilize WEEGE resources to inform a Performance Management Plan (PMP) or MEL plan; integrate WEEGE into the theory of change; establish WEEGE-specific Development Objectives (DOs), Intermediate Results (IRs) and/or sub-IRs; develop and select WEEGE-specific indicators; integrate WEEGE into PMP or MEL plans; and collaborate, learn and adapt to advance WEEGE. This unit includes a resource outlining the current state of WEEGE data; a resource providing a list of institutions focused on WEEGE MEL and offering evidence-based strategies that can help USAID staff to develop strategies, projects, and activities that advance WEEGE outcomes; a tool providing a filterable list of illustrative WEEGE indicators; and a WEEGE MEL worksheet to help USAID staff to consider the linkages between the DO, IRs, sub-IRs, indicators and associated activities.

This unit includes the following sections: