6.8. Collaborate, Learn and Adapt to Advance WEEGE

Collaborating, Learning and Adapting (CLA) is a critical part of MEL and provides an opportunity to advance the learning agenda for WEEGE among the agency, Missions, and implementing partners. CLA must be integrated throughout each phase of the MEL process. It ensures that decisions being made are based on data that are accurate, and enables decision-makers to alter their course of action (or planning) in a manner that best reflects current realities. Sometimes, unintended negative consequences can arise within programming when the range of relationships and power dynamics are not fully understood or considered in the design phase. Analyzing WEEGE-related information sources throughout a MEL process ensures a robust learning environment, both for USAID and with implementing partners. USAID’s CLA Toolkit is a great resource to help think through how to incorporate WEEGE at every level.