Strategy 4: Support Initiatives That Involve (Male/Female/Family) Gatekeepers

Men and other (female) family members are often the decision-makers on whether women and girls use information and communication technology (ICT); they have a crucial role in shaping overall perceptions and behaviors, including awareness and mitigation of risks. Many or most of the information sources in low- and middle-income countries—ICT experts, community leaders, and news broadcasters—are men. If these influencers do not buy into the benefits of ICT and the Internet for women and girls, they may amplify the risks or even block access. By including these groups and marketing to them as well as to the intended female beneficiaries, programs can address the gendered barriers to ICT access and use and help mitigate the risks.

Risk Mitigation Strategy 4 looks at several different activities that USAID can undertake in this area to:

  • Support ICT outreach to digital literacy initiatives for men and other family gatekeepers
  • Engage with gatekeepers as well as women