Private Sector Mapping in USAID/Colombia Prioritized Municipalities: Final Report

  • Date Posted: August 2, 2023
  • Authors: Jaime Arteaga, Anamaría Martínez, Juan Sebastián Henao
  • Organizations/Projects: Panagora Group
  • Document Types: Assessment



USAID is interested in analyzing private investments in the areas prioritized by its strategy. These areas are primarily municipalities where the Programas de Desarrollo con Enfoque Territorial (Territorial Focused Development Plans) (PDETs) are implemented, as well as other municipalities prioritized by the USAID Mission. This study identifies private sector actors, their opportunities, and their challenges, along with anchor projects in these areas.

This research established that large and medium-sized companies that took part in the study had limited participation in the commercial dynamics of PDET municipalities or other municipalities prioritized by USAID. This is due to the few productive linkages between the large and medium-sized companies and local business. However, in 2020 there were significant productive, social, and environmental investments in these territories.

Additionally, the research found that the private sector develops investment projects that can mobilize resources, boost employment, and positively affect these territories’ economies.

Please see the link to the full report below.

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