A Systemic Approach to Local Economic and Market System Development

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  • Date: Mon, Sep 11, 2023, 8:30am - Fri, Sep 15, 2023, 3:30pm
  • Location: InterContinental Hotel Westlake Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Event Type: In Person
  • Organizations: Mesopartner
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International Training Event

Do you want to learn how to effectively promote Local Economic Development (LED) and Market Systems Development (MSD) in your project or location? Join Mesopartner in Vietnam this September for a training event on A Systemic Approach to Local Economic & Market Systems Development.

The training will provide a comprehensive introduction to the two approaches and look at their commonalities and differences.

Participants will be able to choose a focus on either the LED or MSD track during the training, depending on their specific requirements and interest.

  • In the local economic development stream, they will learn about how local economies work and change, the importance of localities, how to analyse local economies and how to build local change programmes using participatory methods to build bottom-up change initiatives. This track will also pay attention to national support to local economic development efforts and how different policies that affect locations come together in one place. 
  • In the market systems stream, they will learn how markets work (or don’t), how they change, how market-supporting institutions emerge and evolve, how to make sense of persistent patterns of market underperformance, and how to design interventions that lead to systemic change in markets. This track is ideal for practitioners working on promoting value chains, sectors or specific topics involving systemic change in the private sector and its supporting institutions.

Both tracks work intensively together for general inputs and occasionally split to explore in more depth the specificities of the two approaches. However, markets and locations interact. When you start diagnosing a place, you often end up with weak markets, and if you analyse underperforming market systems, you end up in places with weak dynamics.

The training will equip you with frameworks and processes to face uncertainty and adaptively manage projects.