Final Performance Evaluation of the USAID/Armenia Market Liberalization and Electricity Trade (MLET) Program

  • Date Posted: October 6, 2023
  • Organizations/Projects: International Development Group
  • Document Types: Evaluation


MLET report photo

The USAID Market Liberalization and Electricity Trade (MLET) is a five-year activity implemented by Tetra Tech ES, Inc. aimed at improving the electricity market and supporting electricity trade with Georgia by helping the Government of Armenia (GOAM) and energy institutions adopt legal-regulatory reforms, accelerate implementation of market liberalization mechanisms, and strengthen Armenia-Georgia dialogue on cross-border trade.

This final performance evaluation of the activity, conducted by the Technical Assistance Project for Economic Growth (TAP EG) and implemented by International Development Group LLC (IDG), focuses on five evaluation areas of inquiry: 1) coherence, 2) effectiveness, 3) efficiency, 4) impact, and 5) sustainability. Data collection efforts, including 23 key informant interviews with 38 stakeholders and a focus group discussion, were conducted between November 2022 and March 2023.

MLET has been a largely successful activity, as it will have completed almost all planned tasks by mid-2023 and made significant gains in its three component areas of electricity market development, energy supply diversification, and promotion of cross-border electricity trade with Georgia. The range of achievements is impressive as MLET has provided extensive support in restructuring the electricity market in Armenia, increased planning capability, and has played a significant role in increasing electricity trade with Georgia. USAID stands out as a reliable, credible, and trusted partner in assisting Armenia to move forward with its power sector reform agenda as it strives to meet requirements to participate in the European electricity market by 2029. It is the only donor addressing the Government of Armenia‚Äôs energy priorities in a significant and practical way.

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