New Blog Series Highlights Private Sector Partnerships that Deliver Sustainable Results

April 5, 2021


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Worldwide, the private sector is playing an unprecedented role in shaping opportunities that improve the lives in the countries and communities that USAID supports. For six decades, USAID has partnered with the private sector to solve the world’s most complex development challenges and to help countries accelerate development progress. 

USAID reviewed private sector partnership outcomes to gain a better understanding of the factors that lead to sustainable results after the Agency’s formal funding ends.   

Released August 2020, USAID’s Enduring Results Study 3.0 documents findings and themes from a sample of nearly 30 private sector partnerships. As the third installment of the Enduring Results series, the study seeks to capture and disseminate evidence on the drivers of sustainability and scale in the Agency’s partnerships with the private sector. 

“Enduring results” refers to a continuation of intended activities and/or outcomes after USAID funding ends. Results are enduring when they sustain for at least two years after USAID’s assistance has ended. 

USAID’s PSE Policy, which set USAID’s agenda for deepening engagement with the private sector, points to building and acting on evidence in fostering those outcomes as a core tenet. The study contributes to building knowledge about how private sector engagement generates more sustainable outcomes. The report findings show the sustainability of outcomes from select private sector partnerships and draw attention to how USAID’s private sector engagement activities can deliver market solutions that achieve a lasting impact. 

Learn more! Register for the online discussion, Sustaining Private Sector Partnerships: Recent Insights from USAID, which will be held on April 6 from 10:00 AM ET - 11:30 AM ET. Hosted by the Society for International Development, the workshop brings a range of perspectives on the ERS 3.0 findings. USAID, implementing partners, and private sector partners will reflect on the study’s findings and  their own experiences in partnering for sustainable impact.

The USAID Private Sector Engagement’s Marketlinks platform will kick off a series of blogs that delve into the factors that contributed to the sustaining and scaling of five select private sector partnerships in the study. The blog series will give development practitioners greater insight into key findings on what drives sustained results in partnerships with the private sector.

The Enduring Results Study 3.0 summary report can be accessed here.