MFC Interviews 2011: Ewa Bańkowska discusses MFC's social performance management strategies

May 24, 2011

Ewa Bańkowska discusses MFC's social performance management and client protection strategies.

Bio: Ewa Bańkowska

Ewa is the social performance management program manager for MFC, managing action research projects on social performance innovation and customer protection. She works with a wide range of stakeholders on developing and pilot testing new tools and solutions, setting standards and documenting the experience of practitioners in attempts in delivering on microfinance promise in the CEE and NIS regions and beyond. With a background in market research, her previous professional experience covered marketing research in the banking sector and market analysis for the B2B service global alliance. Ewa holds an MSc in Quantitative Methods and Information Systems from Warsaw School of Economics and a postgraduate diploma from Warsaw University in psychology of consumer’s behaviour.

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