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Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis: The Market for Beans in Sud-Est Haiti

Laura Meissner
The SEEP Network; Gerry Delphin and Georges Pierre-Louis
ACDI/VOCA; Tim Schwartz
independent consultant; Karri Goeldner Byrne
IRC; Gary Bonhomme
CROSE; and Molière Peronneau
Save the Children.
Publication date: 
Saturday, May 1, 2010

Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis (EMMA) is a rapid market analysis designed to be used in the short-term aftermath of a sudden-onset crisis. This report uses the EMMA tool to analyze the beans market system in the Sud-Est (Southeast) department of Haiti in March-April 2010, several months after the January 12 earthquake in Haiti. The report examines constraints in the beans market system, the earthquake-related disruptions that persist, and provides short-term and long-term recommendations.