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Webinar: Working with the Private Sector to Empower Women: How to Build the Business Case for Change

Event Date: 
Jul 24, 2019
8:30 am to 9:30 am EDT
Online Event
The SEEP Network


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The private sector is an essential partner in the process of women’s economic empowerment. By adopting business practices that include and support women as workers, consumers, producers and suppliers, firms can not only make an important contribution to the process of women’s economic empowerment, but also expand their market, achieve greater business efficiency, and improve their bottom line. A business case can help firms understand why women’s inclusion and empowerment is important for their mission and values, business model and stakeholders. However, a compelling case can be hard to develop. The approach must be pragmatic, relevant and tailored to the country context, constraints facing women, the sector in question and the specific interests of private sector partners.

In this webinar, speakers from the Arab Women’s Enterprise Fund (AWEF) and BSR will present diverse approaches, tools, data and metrics that can be used to build a compelling business case to the private sector. As part of this webinar, AWEF will be launching its first Practitioner Learning Brief, Working with the Private Sector to Empower Women: What to Measure and How to Build the Business Case for Change.

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