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Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit

Event Date: 
Jul 30, 2020 to Oct 08, 2020
9:00 am to 4:00 pm EDT
Online Event
Making Cents International’s Youth Economic Opportunities Network


2020 GYEO Virtual Series and Online Learning Content 

The annual GYEO Summit theme and learning agenda is supported by four interconnected technical tracks designed to advance learning and collaboration for our community. These tracks support topics on skills development, work readiness, and self-employment and entrepreneurship, as well as cross-cutting issues like youth engagement, gender, conflict, systems-change and policy; scale; technology; migration; climate and environment; rural development and agriculture; and monitoring, evaluation and learning (MERL), among others.  

From July through October there will be five online gatherings that reflect the GYEO technical tracks. The forums will supported by a deep-dive thematic content including live or pre-recorded videos by GYEO partners, and related information sharing online and via the GYEO newsletter.

Livelihoods Through Self-Employment: Thursday July 30, 2020

What kinds of skills, programs and policies can better prepare and support young people for self-employment or entrepreneurship, in the growing gig and informal economies? 

Global Context Matters: Wednesday August 12, 2020

How will the changing economy in a post-pandemic world impact and be shaped by critical factors like gender, conflict, migration, environment, and policy?

Ready for the Global Workforce: Thursday September 17, 2020

How do we prepare youth to meet the demands of today’s rapidly transforming global economy, and what is the role of education and training providers, business, and governments to help young people gain more access to opportunity?

Building a Foundation: Thursday October 8, 2020 

How do we build a foundation of skills for youth that supports their long-term social and economic success as well as resilience in a changing world of work?

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