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These wiki pages codify good practice in value chain development and emerging learning in inclusive market systems development, drawing from research conducted under the leadership of the USAID/E3 team, by ACDI/VOCA’s AMAP BDS and LEO consortia and many other contributing organizations, academics and institutions.


Photo: Man analyzes wheat crops using his smartphone.
A man analyzes wheat crops using his smartphone. Photo Credit: Daljit Singh


Frequently Asked Questions

1.4. The Project Cycle

Effective value chain development programs are designed and carried out in a dynamic process referred to as the project cycle.

2.6. Value Chain Governance

Value chain governance refers to the relationships among the buyers, sellers, service providers and regulatory institutions.

2.8. Upgrading

Firms need to innovate to add value to products or services and to make production and marketing processes more efficient.

3.1. Value Chain Selection

Value chain selection is the process of prioritizing industries or value chains based on criteria including their potential for growth and competitiveness, impact, and contribution to other development objectives such as conflict mitigation, women’s empowerment, food security or natural resource management.

3.2. Value Chain Analysis

Value chain analysis is a process that requires four interconnected steps: data collection and research, value chain mapping, analysis of opportunities and constraints, and vetting of findings with stakeholders and recommendations for future actions.

3.5. Monitoring and Evaluation

A well-designed monitoring and evaluation process provides information to program managers and implementers that is critical to judging the effectiveness of particular interventions.