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Monitoring and Evaluating a Value Chain Project

Welcome to “Monitoring and Evaluating a Value Chain Project.” Developed by USAID's Microenterprise Development team, this is the fourth of four courses in The Value Chain Approach e-learning series. Each course is designed to provide USAID staff and international development professionals with an online learning experience and practical tools to enhance Agency-wide understanding about designing and managing value chain projects. Together, they present a primer on USAID’s value chain approach to economic growth and poverty reduction.

A word map of common Value Chain termsValue chain projects raise particular challenges for designing, implementing and learning from monitoring and evaluation activities. This course highlights the iterative nature of monitoring and evaluation throughout the value chain project cycle; reviews M&E concepts as applied to value chain projects; and identifies specific implications and potential solutions when monitoring and evaluating value chain programming. This course assumes that you already have a basic understanding of M&E concepts.

Course Details

Audience: This foundational course has been developed for USAID staff responsible for designing and managing value chain activities, including Washington and field-based resources focused on private sector and enterprise development, agriculture and food security, as well as related program areas such as health and natural resource management, where a value chain approach is integrated as a means to achieving development objectives.

Expected Time: The length of time to complete this course is approximately 1 hour. It is a self-paced course that you can pause and restart the course at any time. Your progress will be retained and you can return to complete it later.

Related Courses

The courses listed below and tailored for USAID staff, are currently under development and will be available soon. We strongly recommend that you take all of the courses in the series, whether you are new to USAID projects incorporating a value chain approach, or have experience in this area. These courses take a practical approach to the following topics:

Learning Value Chain Basics (Course 1)

  • Learning USAID's value chain approach, principles and value chain project cycle
  • Understanding value chain development best practices and project design

Designing a Value Chain Project (Course 2)

Coming soon...

  • Writing effective RFPs/RFAs
  • Developing scopes of work/program descriptions that reflect VC concepts and practices

Managing a Value Chain Project (Course 3)

  • Creating behavior change through VC projects
  • Empowering VC actors to avoid donor dependency
  • Establishing and encouraging vertical linkages and horizontal cooperation


We encourage you to share your feedback on both the content and functionality of the course. Thank you in advance for your ideas to improve this and future Value Chain Approach e-learning series courses.