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Studying the Past, Looking to the Future: USAID MPEP Office Blog Series

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Warm greetings from USAID's Microfinance Consortium. I welcome you to our blog series, "Studying the Past, Looking to the Future: A Microfinance Retrospective." We want to reflect on USAID and our partners' work in microfinance over the past 20-plus years to share our successes and lessons learned. We see this as a chance to come together as a community of practice around a subject that is important to us all, how our broader efforts toward financial inclusion are building markets and improving lives. So sit back, enjoy the read, and get ready to engage with your comments and reflections on this great development story. I look forward to following the progress of this blog series and hope to see broad participation. Please share your thoughts on these posts, as well as your own experiences, anecdotes, lessons learned, best practices, and photos.

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Heath Cosgrove,
USAID's Microfinance Consortium

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Building on the Past, Shaping the Future of Financial Inclusion for All

By Eric G. Postel
It has been a pleasure to read this blog series on microfinance. Thank you to everyone who shared their stories and experiences on the evolution of the microfinance field.  USAID is fortunate to have partnered with the best and brightest over the years, people who recognized the critical importance of financial services for the poor and committed their lives to making it happen. Today, microfinance is a household word and, thanks to the doors it opened, hundreds of millions of people now have access to formal financial services. This is a true testimony to the energy, enthusiasm, and dedication of people from the ground up who have worked together to create this ‘game changer’ in development. Continue reading...

Past Posts...

June 12, 2014

Getting Private Capital into the Hands of Those Who Need it Most

By Michael Metzler

June 11, 2014

Finance for All: How Mobile Phone Networks Are Democratizing Access to Finance

By Kay McGowan

June 10, 2014

Microfinance Lessons Become Foundational to PEPFAR Programs

Interview with Jason Wolfe

June 9, 2014

BancoSol: Moving Microfinance into the Mainline Financial System

By Richard Rosenberg

June 5, 2014

Microfinance’s Bridge to the Digital Future

By Lawrence Yanovitch

June 4, 2014

Transforming Microfinance in Uganda

By Jacqueline Wakhweya

June 3, 2014

Reflections on Experimentation and Learning

By Jim Boomgard

June 2, 2014

Focus on the Field: The Philippines Microfinance Efforts & Digital Financial Inclusion

By John Owens

May 30, 2014

The Future of Microfinance in Africa

Interview by Jennefer Sebstad

May 27, 2014

USAID’s Microfinance Experiences over the Past 25 Years: An Impression from the Field

By John Owens

May 23, 2014

K-REP: From a USAID-Funded Project to Africa’s First Microfinance Bank

Interview by Jennefer Sebstad

May 21, 2014

Still Searching for Benefits

By Larry Reed

May 16, 2014

Growing a Mighty Oak: The Origins of SEEP

By Elaine Edgcomb

May 15, 2014

The Road that Microfinance Built

By Renée Chao-Béroff

May 14, 2014

Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom: The Implementation Grant Program

By Anicca Jansen

Renée Chao-Béroff
Renée Chao-Béroff
May 8, 2014

AIMS Pushes Envelope on Client Insights

By Monique Cohen

May 7, 2014

Like Totally 80s: Supporting Missions and Partners in the Field

By Anicca Jansen

May 1, 2014

The PISCES Project - Helping Small Enterprises Swim Upstream

By Elisabeth Rhyne

April 30, 2014

Why Was It Called the Office of Microenterprise Development?

By Anicca Jansen

April 25, 2014

How the Game Has Changed

By Jennefer Sebstad & Anicca Jansen