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The Resource Library serves as a broad resource hub, including over 1000 documents, training materials, wikis, and curated reports to increase readers' awareness, understanding, and proficiency of several topics in market systems development. Users have access to proposals, evaluation materials, and USAID policy updates, as well as training modules and wikis to boost skills and knowledge.

These resources are bolstered by the inclusion of curated USAID reports published on the USAID Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC) which serves as a repository of reports from completed or ongoing USAID development projects around the globe. The full USAID Development Clearinghouse website can be accessed here.

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Emerging Insight #26: Product Diversification to Improve Outreach

In order to improve the outreach of mutual insurance organizations, the Centre for International Development and Research in Guinea (CIDR) decided to diversify beyond the common family health product. One of the innovative products introduced was a school health product that covers the health risks of children while at school, and is designed to meet the needs of the schools and parents.

Microinsurance Innovation Facility Briefing Note: A business case for microinsurance

Is there a business case for microinsurance? Under what circumstances can insurance companies generate profits from microinsurance? These are important questions because insurers are increasingly interested to expand into the low-income market. To encourage this expansion, microinsurance initiatives need to demonstrate that they are commercially viable and sustainable over time. This note assesses the business case for microinsurance through case studies of five microinsurance initiatives.