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Nine Years of the FIELD-Support LWA - An Overview

This report is an overview of the nine years of the FIELD-Support LWA. FIELD-Support was launched in November 2005 to be a versatile vehicle to contract a range of development activities. Originally consisting of nine leading development NGOs as core partners and 17 resource organizations, the FIELD-Support LWA portfolio has grown to include a range of multi-year cooperative agreements (Associate Awards), short-term field-based activities, quantitative and qualitative research studies and evaluations, and targeted country assessments and program design assignments for USAID Missions.

What Kind of Agricultural Strategies Lead to Broad-Based Growth: Implications For Country-Led Agricultural Investment Programs

Without renewed attention to sustained agricultural productivity growth, most small farms in developing countries will become increasingly unviable economic and social units. Sustained agricultural productivity growth and poverty reduction will require progress on a number of fronts, most importantly increased public goods investments to agriculture; a policy environment that supports private investment in input, output, and financial markets and provision of key support services; a more level global trade policy environment; supportive donor programs; and improved governance.