Working with Producer Groups: Market and Enterprise Development in Angola’s Central Plateau

  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
  • Organizations/Projects: World Vision Angola
  • Document Types: Case Study or Vignette
  • Donor Type: Non-US Government Agency

The ProRENDA project implemented by World Vision Angola worked with producers and other value chain actors in the potato, onion, bean, and carrot value chains to increase annual incomes of smallholder farmers in the central highlands in Angola. The project worked to improve the input and output market linkages of producer groups with the private sector by: (1) facilitating improved market information, (2) contracting with private sector produce buyers, (3) linking local female informal traders to major markets, (4) training producer groups in business planning and business management, (5) increasing adult literacy—particularly women, (6) improving production technologies, and (7) documenting best practices.


From the activities, ProRENDA identified three key lessons of market and enterprise development in the Angolan Central Plateau. First, Plant diseases, bacterial infections and viruses represent a serious threat to the yield of potatoes, onions, and beans, and can wipe out gains made in the project. Access to better quality inputs through seed banks and increased agricultural extension on effective protection and curative action were key to addressing this issue. Second, diversifying income sources by participating in other value chain functions helps households and rural communities become more resilient to drought and other shocks. Finally, rural families need access to financial services to provide a safe place to save, insurance to mitigate against risks, and credit to grow their enterprises. Providing this service had a particularly significant impact when made available to women.  

This case study contributes to the Integrating Very Poor Producers Into Value Chains Field Guide, prepared by World Vision through the USAID-funded FIELD-Support LWA. The Field Guide focuses on allowing practitioners to more effectively reach the very poor through the use of a market systems approach to enterprise and market development.

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