Transforming Market Systems After-Event Resources

  • Date Posted: October 14, 2016
  • Authors: Jeanne Downing, Gary Linden, Joan Whelan, Meredith Soule, Kristin O'Planick
  • Document Types: Tool, Other
  • Donor Type: Non-US Government Agency

This event featured learning from USAID's Leveraging Economic Opportunities (LEO) activity's extensive market systems research and practice agenda with USAID. The resources posted on this page refer to the opening plenary portion of the event.

OPENING PLENARY: Systems Approaches Gain Influence: What are the Implications for USAID and its Investments in Global Food Security? 

  • Gary Linden, USAID’s Bureau for Food Security
  • Joan Whelan, USAID’s Bureau for Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance
  • Meredith Soule, USAID’s Bureau for Food Security
  • Jeanne Downing, Market Systems Specialist
  • Kristin O'Planick, USAID's Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment 

This conference was designed to be highly interactive and "PPT-lite", therefore the slide decks for the remaining sessions are streamlined and not posted. The attached agenda provides detailed descriptions of each session and plenary, along with speaker bios. For access to all LEO resources, many of which were featured at the conference, visit