Survey to Explore Growth Barriers Faced by Female Entrepreneurs in East Africa

  • Date Posted: March 22, 2017
  • Authors: Andia Laura Chakava, Makena Mworia, Mametja Moshe, Jane Mbinya, Sam Magaga, Lena Gachoki
  • Organizations/Projects: Graça Machel Trust
  • Document Types: Evidence or Research
  • Donor Type: Non-US Government Agency

The aim of this report is to establish the growth barriers faced by female entrepreneurs that hinder them growing from micro and small enterprises to medium and large-sized businesses. Of particular focus is a determination of what sources of capital they have used to get their business to the current stage and what modes of capital they intend to use to expand their business. The study asks women in business to discuss their two primary financial constraints and identifies what factors, according to the entrepreneurs, will catalyze their business further, as well as future challenges they anticipate and what can assist them to overcome these obstacles. A number of recommendations and their impact have been developed as a result of these findings.