State of Measurement in the SBG Sector

  • Date Posted: December 21, 2017
  • Authors: Brianna Losoya-Evora, Genevieve Edens
  • Organizations: The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs
  • Document Types: Evidence or Research, Evaluation
  • Donor Type: Non-US Government Agency

The landscape of approaches to impact measurement has transformed since ANDE first investigated how and what our members measure in 2014. This paper provides an update on the state of measurement practice in the SGB sector. Ultimately, we hope this information can help develop more effective, rigorous, and actionable measurement for the sector.

ANDE surveyed 30 members about their measurement practices and found that:

  • All investors and half of capacity development providers use IRIS.
  • Half of our sample collects household data.
  • Capacity development providers tend to focus on business performance outcomes for the SGB while investors more often focus on the SGB reach and quality.
  • Nearly all respondents spent less than 5% of their annual budget on measurement.
  • Organizations that collect household-level data spend about the same on measurement as those that do not.
  • Over half of ANDE organizations surveyed said they have no full-time staff person dedicated to measurement.

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