The State of Covered Horticulture in Lebanon

  • Date Posted: January 12, 2022
  • Authors: ILO
  • Organizations/Projects: ILO - Approach to Inclusive Market Systems (AIMS) for Refugees and Host Communities
  • Document Types: Other

This survey of 200 covered horticulture farmers, 100 horticulture workers and 20 wholesalers in Akkar and Baalbek-Hermel was conducted in March 2020 with several objectives in mind. First and foremost, it was conducted to serve as a baseline for the AIMS component of ILO PROSPECTS in Lebanon, against which progress and impact of the programme component will be measured. To this end, questionnaires were developed to collect data for a specific set of indicators designed to track and measure changes in the wider horticulture market system and their impact on livelihoods of horticulture farmers and workers. Questions thus naturally focused on collecting information related to the abovementioned constraints in horticulture, i.e. use of high-productivity greenhouses, production practices and use of agricultural inputs, and access to markets and market information.