Social Performance Indicators for Microinsurance

  • Date Posted: April 24, 2013
  • Authors: Therese Sandmark
  • Document Types: Manual
  • Donor Type: Non-Governmental Organization

Microinsurance pioneers and practitioners frequently underline their social focus but are often unable to support these intentions with figures and adapted reports. This new handbook allows practitioners to go beyond good intentions by monitoring and documenting their social performance and improving their operations accordingly.

The handbook maps out a social performance framework from which practitioners can manage their social performance through four dimensions: Product Value; Client Protection; Inclusion; and Social Performance Management. Each dimension corresponds to a principle, which is followed by guidelines that illustrate how to apply the principles. Finally, ten quantitative indicators give insight into the extent to which the principles are being applied for a given microinsurance product. The indicators, of which five have derived from the financial key performance indicators, are designed to be smart and easy to use. 

This publication is the result of a two-year, sector-wide, consensus-building process mainly involving microinsurance practitioners and led by the Microinsurance Network's Performance Working Group. It is an important milestone, as the creation of a common language when referring to social performance will contribute to a more transparent and effective microinsurance sector. We encourage both practitioners and funders to use this material and look forward to developing this handbook with further examples in the future.

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