A Practitioner's Guide to Market Facilitation: Facilitation as Behavior Change

  • Date Posted: July 23, 2012
  • Organizations/Projects: Engineers Without Borders Canada
  • Document Types: Guidance, Guidance
  • Donor Type: Non-Governmental Organization

A major challenge to effectively implementing a facilitative approach is the ambiguity associated with the facilitator's role. The facilitator must understand how to navigate through the complex market system, pinpoint what needs to change, and understand what to do to create change. Furthermore, the facilitator must understand each actor's individual context, and tailor his/her approach in every individual case.

To clarify the roles of the facilitator in the complex market system and of the project manager in supporting the facilitator, the following guide has been developed. The steps and frameworks of this guide aim to make sense of the day-to-day activities of a facilitator and outline how project managers can provide support and guidance to enable their staff to be effective, responsive facilitators.

Please note that this is a working document.