Post-event Resources — Webinar: The Business Case for Land Rights: Results from the 2018 Investor Survey

  • Date Posted: May 18, 2018
  • Authors: Marketlinks Team
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  • Donor Type: Other US Government Agency


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Photo: USAID Nepal

On April 5, 2018, USAID LandLinks, Marketlinks, and Agrilinks hosted an online, interactive presentation of the results from the recent, voluntary Investor Survey on Land Rights, which was conducted from October 2017 to February 2018.

Until now, information related to land tenure and resource rights primarily focused on cataloging information related to the geographic area under various forms of tenure or the location and size of land transactions, while project-level information and investor perceptions were missing. The Investor Survey on Land Rights fills the gap by reporting on private sector perceptions of land tenure risks and their strategies to address them.

This webinar shared results from the survey and provided evidence that investors quantitatively and qualitatively account for land risks in their investment decisions and actively work to mitigate potential land risks, and that when land risks materialize, there can be large financial impacts. The webinar also looked at successful business models that have been deployed to reduce risks for investors and provide benefits to local communities, also highlighted in the survey and report.

Jeffrey Hatcher of Indufor North America presented and discussed the survey findings, and Finn Jacobsen of African Plantations for Sustainable Development (APSD) and Oriane Plédran of The Moringa Partnership discussed their live investment projects that seek to create benefits for their shareholders and local communities alike. The panel discussion was moderated by USAID’s Sarah Lowery.

Topics covered in the presentation of findings include:

  • Investor perceptions of how land-based risks have increased in recent years;
  • Perceived importance of land and resource rights in making investment decisions;
  • Approaches to measuring and/or pricing land tenure and resource-related risks;
  • Risk mitigation strategies for issues related to land and resource rights; and
  • Case studies of successful, responsible land-based investments.

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