Mobile Money Snapshot: PROSHAR Cash for Work Program

  • Date Posted: June 11, 2014
  • Authors: Kazi Amit Imran
  • Organizations/Projects: FHI 360
  • Document Types: Case Study or Vignette, Primer or Brief
  • Donor Type: Non-US Government Agency

USAID promotes increased access to and usage of mobile financial services in order to deepen financial inclusion, accelerate broad-based economic growth, and instill transparency into funding flows. These mobile money snapshots describe the experiences of USAID- and non-USAID-funded organizations that have begun to replace cash with digital payments so that others can apply their lessons learned to their own transition to digital payments.

This Mobile Money Snapshot, the third in the series, is of USAID’s Program for Strengthening Household Access to Resources (PROSHAR) project, implemented by ACDI/VOCA. The project is working to improve the living conditions of ultra-poor and deprived populations by increasing their income, improving maternal and child health, improving nutritional status by producing nutrient-fortified agricultural products, and increasing peoples’ knowledge of natural disasters. The project is working in the southern belt of Bangladesh—particularly in the Khulna, Norail and Bagherhat districts of the Khulna division.

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