Market Systems Resilience Measurement Resources

  • Date Posted: January 20, 2019
  • Authors: Marketlinks Team
  • Document Types: Tool
  • Donor Type: Non-US Government Agency


Photo: Male farmer standing in field in Tanzania.
Tomato Farmer in Tanzania. Photo Credit: USAID/Tanzania

Market Systems Resilience: A Framework for Measurement

This USAID Framework document focuses on resilience at the systems level. It looks at markets as complex adaptive systems in order to better understand how market systems respond to shocks and stresses. It then explores the characteristics of market systems resilience and proposes a theory of change for how to strengthen market system resilience capacities. Included in this resource is a tool for assessing market system resilience.

Guidance for Assessing Resilience in Market Systems 

A USAID guidance resource for incorporating resilience into market systems analysis and programming. This resource provides an adaptable process for USAID missions and implementing partners to assess market systems resilience (MSR).

Resilience for Social Systems: R4S Toolkit, User Guidance Manual

Developed by GOAL, with close engagement with the Springfield Center, this resource provides guidance for analyzing the resilience of different socio-economic systems, including market systems. This resource includes multiple worksheets for collecting and analyzing data, and a tool for mapping a target socioeconomic system. 

Market Systems Resilience Index 

Developed by iDE, the objective of this analytical framework is to provide a model for measuring MSR, based on nine proposed “determinants” (related to the structure, connectivity, and support of the market system), which can be used as a diagnostic, monitoring, or evaluation tool. 

Market Systems Diagnostic

Developed by ACDI/VOCA, the Market Systems Diagnostic analyzes changes in market structures and enterprise behaviors to understand how and whether the market system as a whole is changing to become more inclusive, competitive, and resilient.

Honduran Market Systems Diagnostic White Paper

The function of the market system diagnostic white paper is to strengthen evidence and provide knowledge needed by public and private stakeholders to support more competitive economic policies and decision-making and to insert new thinking and solutions on development challenges facing Honduras.