Market Systems Resilience Learning Resources Series

  • Date Posted: March 14, 2022
  • Authors: Vikāra Institute, Feed the Future Market Systems and Partnerships
  • Organizations: Feed the Future Market Systems and Partnerships
  • Document Types: Case Study or Vignette, Guidance
  • Donor Type: US Agency for International Development

This page includes a series of resources aimed at capturing practical guidance and applied experience in market systems resilience (MSR), developed through the Feed the Future Market Systems and Partnerships Activity

Resources in this series include:

  • Demystifying MSR: An Introductory Brief: this brief offers a simplified explanation of MSR and its key drivers, as well as examples of interventions that can strengthen MSR and entry points for practitioners looking to apply an MSR lens. It discusses how an MSR lens emphasizes stressors (as well as shocks), seeks insights from enterprises and market institutions (not just households), applies a unique analytical framework, and designs interventions to influence the system.
  • Case Study: How an MSR Lens Shaped Intervention Design and Adaptation in Northern Kenya: this case study explores how a USAID-funded program in northern Kenya has used an MSR lens to shape how it catalyzes more competitive, inclusive, and resilient livestock market systems that, in turn, strengthen household resilience within a highly vulnerable region. It illustrates how insights from a rapid MSR assessment early in implementation, conducted in two pivotal market towns, allowed a program to better understand what was driving the quality of relationships between market actors and the pace of change. This case explores how the program used these insights to adapt and pivot programming, tailored to the unique dynamics within each geographic area that shaped market behaviors and outcomes. Lastly, this case demonstrates that integrating an MSR lens does not have to be an assessment-heavy task and can happen at any stage of implementation.
  • MSR State of the Field Map: a visual snapshot of where MSR is being applied globally across 35 projects in 26 countries, as of January 2022.
  • Coming soon in 2022!  Several thematic briefs on MSR and Enterprises and MSR and Resilient Communities, with accompanying case studies and cartoon-based capacity building tools to further illustrate key guidance themes. 

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