LabourNet India: Transforming Lives of Informal Sector Workers

  • Date Posted: November 8, 2010
  • Authors: Rathish Balakrishnan
  • Organizations/Projects: SEEP Network
  • Document Types: Primer or Brief
  • Donor Type: Non-Governmental Organization

LabourNet is an initiative of MAYA (Movement for Alternatives and Youth Awareness), a non-governmental organization based in Bangalore focused on Education and Livelihood. MAYA’s education programmes are implemented today in 22 districts across Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh. And the livelihood programme focuses on communities across slums and low-income areas of Bangalore Urban & Rural districts.

LabourNet focuses on three key aspects:

  • Link workers in the informal sector who need a job and clients who need skilled workers.
  • Provide an identity for migrant informal sector workers by registering them to LabourNet's network and formalizing their identity based on their trade and occupation.
  • Based on the identity LabourNet provides these workers, get access to services like accident insurance, bank accounts, healthcare services, etc.