Improving Food Safety is Good for Business Bottom Line

  • Date Posted: October 31, 2022
  • Organizations/Projects: Feed the Future


Senegalese juice companies use food safety as a business strategy to gain access to better markets. Photo credit: Esteval

Anyone who has owned and operated a business knows that allocating a budget is a rigorous exercise, and every alternative benefit and cost must be carefully considered. Adding funds to one operational area always means taking them from another. And, if some cost can be sacrificed with relatively little pain, a company will likely do it.

That’s why businesses in lower-income countries often consider investing into food safety as a luxury only big exporters can afford. Indeed, whereas many of the 270 FDA and USDA food recalls in the US last year tend to make newsworthy headlines, consumers in emerging economies are often less aware of what new contamination they need to look for.

However, as this article will demonstrate, investing in food safety is good for businesses in lower-income countries. Indeed, even companies that sell to lower-paying domestic consumers are now paying attention.


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