Impact Assessment of the Growth-Oriented Microenterprise Development Program: Baseline Research Report

  • Date Posted: February 22, 2011
  • Authors: Gary Woller
  • Organizations/Projects: ACDI/VOCA
  • Document Types: Assessment, Evidence or Research
  • Donor Type: Non-US Government Agency
This report presents the findings from the baseline impact assessment of the Growth-oriented Microenterprise Development (GMED) program based in Jaipur, India. The purpose of the GMED impact assessment is to assess whether and how GMED has achieved its end objectives of developing effective approaches to stimulate the growth of micro-and-small enterprises in two value chains: fresh fruit and vegetables and municipal solid waste management. The impact assessment uses a longitudinal, quasi-experimental research design implemented through a mixed-method (quantitative and qualitative) approach at the value chain, MSE, and household levels. 
See below to view or download the final GMED Impact Assessment document.