Food Safety and Nutrition - Feedback from the Field. Technical Learning Note

  • Date Posted: October 5, 2021
  • Authors: Food Enterprise Solutions (FES)
  • Organizations/Projects: Food Enterprise Solutions
  • Document Types: Primer or Brief
  • Donor Type: U.S. Agency for International Development


Vegetable Market (iStock photo from FES)

Food safety is an integral part of growing food businesses, economic development, and public health. Food businesses, government, policy makers, and researchers all have different perspectives on promoters and barriers that affect food safety, and they provide important contributions to ensuring food safety practices occur in low- and middle-income (LMICs). In order to obtain insight on how to develop policies and programs that ensure food safety practices are present in LMICs, we conducted a rapid assessment with selected food safety experts. This assessment focused on finding out what these experts believe are important requirements for having food businesses implement food safety practices.


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