Embedding PECA into MSD programmes – Lessons from ÉLAN RDC

  • Date Posted: June 18, 2021
  • Organizations/Projects: Élan RDC, UKaid
  • Document Types: Primer or Brief
  • Donor Type: Non-US Government Agency


All countries have a combination of universal and specifically domestic aspects, many of which are complex and difficult for outsiders to identify or to comprehend. Good quality political economy and conflict analysis (PECA), fully and explicitly integrated into programme and project design and implementation from the outset, prevents programmes from failing to understand or respond to the key domestic issues as the programme develops. PECA embedded into programme structures and processes ensures that programmes are capable of discerning and responding flexibly and appropriately to political economy and conflict issues as they arise during the life of the programme.

ÉLAN RDC, a Market Systems Development (MSD) programme operating in the highly challenging environment of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), tested new programme structures from advisory, hiring, information gathering, analysis and sector selection to engage with a private sector that includes multiple and complex risks, much of it related to the country’s political economy. These lessons can be followed by other programmes, especially those operating in volatile and postconflict areas

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