Economic Strengthening and Keeping Children in Family Care - Uganda Learning Event Compiled Notes and Presentations

  • Date Posted: September 20, 2019
  • Authors: CGillum
  • Document Types: Other
  • Donor Type: U.S. Agency for International Development

This report compiles presentations and notes from the Accelerating Strategies for Practical Innovation & Research in Economic Strengthening (ASPIRES) Family Care Uganda Learning Event, Economic Strengthening and Keeping Children in Family Care, held May 29-30, 2018. This learning event was planned as an opportunity for ASPIRES partners ChildFund and AVSI Foundation to share learning from the Economic Strengthening to Keep and Reintegrate Children in Families (ESFAM) and Family Resilience (FARE) projects. The event also aimed to offer practitioners and other stakeholders an opportunity to learn from each other about programming related to reintegration, prevention of family-child separation and highly vulnerable families, especially in relation economic strengthening (ES), and to assist ASPIRES to consolidate and record learning from practitioners to inform its understanding and the guidance it will develop on ES in reintegration and prevention of separation programming. More than 95 individuals from practitioner organizations, government, research bodies and coordination entities attended the learning event. The notes included here were taken by ASPIRES staff members, other volunteer notetakers and participants in discussion groups; they have been formatted and lightly edited for space and clarity.