Economic and Social Upgrading in Global Production Networks: A New Paradigm for a Changing World

  • Date Posted: August 29, 2012
  • Authors: Stephanie Barrientos, Gary Gereffi, Arianna Rossi
  • Organizations/Projects: Duke University
  • Document Types: Evaluation, Evidence or Research
  • Donor Type: Non-Governmental Organization

A key challenge in promoting decent work worldwide is how to improve the position of both firms and workers in value chains and global production networks driven by lead firms. This article develops a framework for analyzing the linkages between the economic upgrading of firms and the social upgrading of workers. Drawing on studies that indicate that firm upgrading does not necessarily lead to improvements for workers, with a particular focus on the Moroccan garment industry, it outlines different trajectories and scenarios to provide a better understanding of the relationship between economic and social upgrading.