Regional Coastal Biodiversity Project Mid-Term Evaluation: Performance Evaluation.

  • Date Posted: November 7, 2023
  • Organizations/Projects: International Development Group
  • Document Types: Evaluation


Coastal Biodiversity Project

The evaluation team concludes that RCBP has advanced biocommerce ventures, improving the living conditions of vulnerable people. RCBP implemented coastal governance instruments, leading to recovery and sustainable use of landscapes. RCBP made progress in including a gender lens and equity, and women have increased their participation in biocommerce ventures and in leadership roles.

The changes observed include increased awareness and knowledge of gender roles, changes in fish sizes, increased participation in river cleaning campaigns, and implementation of closed fishing seasons. The team found that most of the ventures lacked knowledge and use of business plans. RCBP biocommerce ventures could benefit from better market access, improved business capabilities, and entrepreneurial training.


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