Livestock Market Systems Resilience Analysis: Haiti

  • Date Posted: December 28, 2023
  • Organizations/Projects: Feed the Future, Vikara Institute
  • Document Types: Assessment


Eggs at PCS, Chardonnière, Haiti.

The Programme d’Appui à la Rentabilisation de l’Elevage (PARE) Activity contracted Vikara Institute to conduct a Livestock Market Systems Resilience Analysis (LMSRA) to inform a Livestock Market Systems Resilience Strategy (LMSRS) in collaboration with PARE Activity staff, applying the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Market Systems Resilience (MSR) Framework to understand how market systems respond to shocks and stresses by assessing the dynamics of a market system. 

The assessment covered the Northern and Southern Resilience Focus Zones (RFZ) of Haiti, including the North, Northeast, Central, and South departments of the country, and focused on three livestock categories: cattle (meat and dairy), poultry (meat and eggs) and goats/sheep.


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