Lebanon Enterprise Development (LED): Final Performance Evaluation

  • Date Posted: August 2, 2023
  • Authors: Hoda Salman, Maya Trad
  • Organizations/Projects: : EnCompass LLC



The Lebanon Enterprise Development (LED) was a five-year, $24-million United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Activity aimed at increasing employment opportunities in Lebanon by adopting a Buyer-Led Approach (BLA) with local firms to enable them to increase their sales and create jobs. This evaluation assesses the extent to which LED was able to meet its intended objectives and ensure the sustainability of its interventions.

There was overwhelmingly positive feedback from all stakeholders regarding the role and effect of LED/USAID’s assistance to firms. The biggest enabler for the sustainability of LED’s impact on businesses is the change in business owners’ view of external assistance, combined with the increased capacity of local market actors and local business consultants as a result of LED’s interventions.

Please see the link to the full report below.

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