Laos Microenterprise Evaluation: Final Report

  • Date Posted: September 5, 2023
  • Authors: Sarah Auten, Phillip Boyle
  • Organizations/Projects: Social Impact
  • Document Types: Evaluation


Laos Microenterprise Evaluation

USAID contracted Social Impact (SI) to conduct a midterm performance evaluation of the Activity to promote greater efficacy and targeted use of remaining resources to aid the Activity in meeting its targeted outcomes.

The purpose of this evaluation was to provide USAID, and the GOL with evidence of what is working with the Activity, what is not, and why, to adapt the Activity for the remaining period of performance. USAID also sought  recommendations on whether the Activity should be granted a no-cost extension and how to focus future agricultural and ME activities beyond the Activity.

This evaluation was undertaken by a five-person evaluation team (ET) using a mixed methods approach, including a desk review, qualitative data collected through field-based key informant interviews (KIIs), group interviews and focus group discussions (FGDs), and an analysis of the IP’s quantitative data.

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