Feed the Future Cambodia Harvest II Activity: Final Evaluation Report

  • Date Posted: September 5, 2023
  • Authors: Alexandra Miehlbradt, Lara Makararavy Ty
  • Organizations/Projects: DAI Global
  • Document Types: Evaluation


Cambodia Harvest II

This report presents the findings from the final evaluation of the Feed the Future Cambodia Harvest II activity (Harvest II). The approach taken by Harvest II represented a shift in emphasis from previous USAID-funded activities that offered support to agricultural production, moving intentionally towards a demand-driven, market systems development approach. 

The evaluation found that Harvest II did promote system change, though unevenly across the subsectors and with more focus on growth than inclusion. A foundation was built for private-sector driven market development to be supported by the government, however policies and strategies developed have not yet been carried through to the practical implementation stage, which is needed for firms and farms to benefit.

Within the private sector, in terms of market linkages and competitiveness, important relationships were established and positive examples supported, with improved practices, increased yields, expanded sales, and new product development among results reported.

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