Credit Information Systems: How Donors Achieve Success (Presentation)

  • Date Posted: February 22, 2011
  • Organizations/Projects: DAI
  • Document Types: Evidence or Research, Other
  • Donor Type: U.S. Agency for International Development

This is a presentation for the After Hours Seminar #8: Credit Information Markets that took place on May 16, 2006.
Credit information is an integral component of the business environment. Comprehensive, diffuse, and accurate credit information not only helps enterprises of all forms grow and manage risk, but also promotes greater transparencies in business and government alike, and helps engender a culture of trust among enterprises. Small, women-owned firms in emerging economies tend to gain the most from improvements in credit data markets. Credit information is, of course, not a solution to all development challenges but it is an area in which the donor community has achieved considerable success.

With this information in mind, Andrew Iappini (DAI) and Frances Bundred (ECIAfrica) gave a presentation entitled: ‘Credit Information Systems: How Donors Achieve Success’. They discussed how success is defined, who the stakeholders are in credit information markets, the spectrum of success and failure and provided case studies of these successes and failures citing examples in Ecuador, Haiti, South Africa, and Uganda.