COVID19 and MERS (the Minimum Economic Recovery Standards, not the respiratory illness)

  • Date Posted: April 22, 2020
  • Authors: SEEP1611
  • Document Types: Guidance
  • Donor Type: Non-Governmental Organization


Cover Image for MERS COVID-19 Guidance

Working as a group of practitioners and experts, we have been thinking about the short, medium and long term programming and responses we are developing now, and will continue to adjust, as the COVID19 Pandemic reshapes how business gets done and livelihoods are impacted.

This discussion led to a guidance note on applying the Minimum Economic Recovery Standards in a COVID-19 response. The guidance note is intended to help teams identify immediate next steps and potential future actions. While all of the Minimum Economic Recovery Standards remain relevant, some have taken on new meaning or need adaptation to the new context. The MERS Handbook is available in English, SpanishFrench and Arabic

The Markets in Crises (MiC) Steering Committee published a two-page statement on COVID-19.

On April 22nd the SEEP Network hosted a live, online discussion about a market-based response to the current pandemic on the Markets in Crises community of practice.

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