Challenges, Opportunities and Learning in Youth Microfinance (Presentation)

  • Date Posted: June 2, 2010
  • Authors: Margie Brand, Btissam Derdari, Jesse Nansungu, Elena Reilly
  • Organizations/Projects: EcoVentures International
  • Document Types: Case Study or Vignette, Other
  • Donor Type: U.S. Agency for International Development

On September 17, 2008, USAID's Microenterprise Development office hosted the 25th installment in its Microfinance Learning and Innovations After Hours Seminar Series. Margie Brand, Btissam Derdari (Morocco), Jesse Nansungu (Malawi) and Elena Reilly (Bolivia) discussed how to make youth microfinance sustainable and ensure a positive impact, as well as lessons learned in their programs so far and recommendations for future program design.