CGAP Smallholder Families Data Hub

  • Date Posted: March 21, 2018
  • Authors: Marketlinks Team
  • Document Types: Tool
  • Donor Type: Non-US Government Agency


Man in Bangladesh next to bamboo tree.
Photo by Ziaul Huque.

About the data hub

Check out the CGAP Smallholder Families Data Hub. These interactive dashboards provide easy access to more than300,000 data points on smallholder families' financial lives, drawn from nationally representative household surveys across six countries:

• Bangladesh
• Côte d'Ivoire
• Mozambique
• Nigeria
• Tanzania
• Uganda

"CGAP's data is a great resource. It helped us design our mobile layaway service and plan for a pilot. Now we're using the data to understand the product's potential in other regions."  — Karan Kapoor, Managing Director, Positive International Limited

How to get started

You don't have to be a data scientist. For each country where CGAP has survey data, a set of interactive dashboards helps you explore opportunities to reach smallholders with relevant services. There's no need to download and interrogate the data yourself.

Want to dig deeper? You can download in-depth resources like our survey data sets, user guides, and analyses. Just follow the links to additional resources within each country tab. 

A note on methodology

Each country's survey has a nationally representative sample of about 3,000 families who indicated that agriculture provides a meaningful contribution to their household livelihood, income, or consumption, and who have up to 5 hectares of land and a certain number of livestock. For more on methodology, go to the country of interest and view that data set's user guide.