Cash vs. Digital Financial Services in Bangladesh The Case of Social Marketing Company

  • Date Posted: July 22, 2016
  • Authors: mSTAR Bangladesh
  • Organizations: FHI 360
  • Document Types: Primer or Brief, Other
  • Donor Type: Non-US Government Agency

Social Marketing Company (SMC) received a grant from mSTAR/Bangladesh to pilot the use of digital financial services (DFS), including both mobile and electronic payments, in their operations. During the ten-month pilot period from May to February, SMC and its staffmade a total of BDT 95,179,014(approximately USD $1.2 million) in transactions using DFS in three of its programmatic areas: the training programs for its Blue Star Provider (BSP) and Private Community Health Providers (PCHP), as well as for sales collection. Of that total, slightly more than three-quarters were for sales collections, while the remainder were for training payments. The benefits of the transition to DFS as captured during an evaluation study are depicted in this infographic.