The Cartoon Learning Series

  • Date Posted: November 9, 2016
  • Authors: Margie Brand, Vikāra Institute
  • Organizations/Projects: Vikāra Institute, Leveraging Economic Opportunities (LEO)
  • Document Types: Tool, Other
  • Donor Type: U.S. Agency for International Development

It is widely recognized that projects need practical, modular, easy-to-use tools to build staff capacity in effective market facilitation approaches.

Working with Vikāra Institute (formerly EcoVentures International), the Leveraging Economic Opportunities (LEO) activity tested new methods for introducing development project staff to market systems development concepts and practices. To respond to development projects' needs, LEO has designed a practical, fun, and experiential learning series comprised of comic-based storybooks. Each depicts and compares different approaches and tactics. The scenarios are based on real-life examples that represent a market development problem and compare different ways of solving it—a market facilitation approach and a typical, or project-driven, approach.

Project staff and managers can apply the cartoon learning series in formal training contexts, informal project meetings, and even individual learning environments. The cartoons are also available in French and Spanish. 


snapshot of the online book view of the cartoon learning series

Online Book View: Scroll through each cartoon on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer using a web link.


snapshot of the comic book view of the cartoon learning series

Comic Book View: Print out each cartoon story as a mini comic book with several mini pictures per page.


snapshot of the presentation view of the cartoon learning series

Presentation View: Download each full cartoon story in a slide-by-slide format to use as a presentation or to screen print certain slides for inclusion in your own courses or other materials. No source referencing necessary.


  1. Practical Tactics Series:

    1. CONTESTS as a tactic to introduce new technologies into a market system and amplify good behavior

      • Cartoon 1: Contests - Overview

      • Cartoon 2: Contests - Ghana Case Study

      • Cartoon 3: Contests - Bangladesh Case Study

    2. PERFORMANCE CLUBS for Smallholder Farmer Suppliers as a tactic to incentivize improved performance in a market system through better supply chain management

      • Cartoon 1: Performance Clubs - Overview

      • Cartoon 2: Perf. Clubs - Project Approach (ROI)

      • Cartoon 3: Perf. Clubs - Competition Versus Cooperation

      • Cartoon 4: Perf. Clubs - Global Gap Context

    3. FINANCING MECHANISMS as tactics to improve farmer performance in the market system

      • Cartoon 1: Financing: Domestic Remittances

      • Cartoon 2: Financing: Buyer Check-Off Mechanism

  2. Market Facilitation Intervention Series:

    1. Input Supply Interventions

      • Cartoon 1: Catalyzing Adoption Intervention Story

      • Cartoon 2: Catalyzing Adoption Project ROI Analysis

    2. Output Buyer Interventions

      • Cartoon 1: Catalyzing Trust Intervention Story

      • Cartoon 2: Catalyzing Trust Project ROI Analysis

    3. Cross-Cutting Interventions:

      • Cartoon 1: Intervention Sequencing

      • Cartoon 2: Resilience Overview

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