CARE’s Pathways to Empowerment

  • Date Posted: April 10, 2013
  • Organizations/Projects: CARE
  • Document Types: Evaluation, Case Study or Vignette, Primer or Brief
  • Donor Type: Foundation

CARE’s Pathways program is based on the conviction that women farmers possess enormous potential to contribute to long-term food security for their families and substantially impact nutritional outcomes in sustainable ways. The program builds on CARE’s expertise in smallholder agriculture, financial inclusion, nutrition, women’s empowerment and market engagement. Working in partnership with others, Pathways promotes transformative change in women’s lives and the lives of their families by combining and expanding upon the best of what we know.

The Pathways goal is to increase the productivity and empowerment of women farmers in more equitable agriculture systems at scale. Specific objectives include increasing the productivity and empowerment of 150,000 poor women farmers in sustainable and equitable agricultural systems; enhancing the scale of high-quality women-responsive agricultural programming within and beyond CARE; and influencing debates and policy dialog on women and agriculture at local, national and global levels. The program design is guided by a consistent Theory of Change derived from in-depth analysis of barriers facing women farmers in the countries of implementation and beyond.