BD4FS and Businesses Form Winning Partnerships to Build a Food Safety Compliant Chain

  • Date Posted: July 6, 2022
  • Authors: Food Enterprise Solutions (FES)
  • Organizations/Projects: Food Enterprise Solutions
  • Document Types: Case Study or Vignette
  • Donor Type: U.S. Agency for International Development

The Senegal poultry industry has experienced significant growth since 2005 when the country halted imports due to an avian flu outbreak affecting many countries. This exceptional situation played an important role in securing investments, increasing local poultry meat production, and facilitating the vertical integration of poultry activities. A large industry has developed and now dominates the market with Senegalese companies comprising all links in the value chain from breeding and input supply to high-value-added processed products. 

Consumers are increasingly oriented towards higher-quality purchases across many sectors, and with this trend, processed poultry products are in high demand in Senegal. Numerous Senegalese companies have entered this niche to offer consumers locally sourced and ready-to-use products, such as seasoned, marinated, smoked, and even pre-cooked foods. 

Mrs. Fatim Basse - the founder of Gourméa, a company specializing in smoked poultry products - is aiming to meet this growing market demand. Already a player in the poultry industry, Gourméa will soon move to a location that will increase production and capacity for delivering safe and nutritious foods to local markets. 

Gourméa has partnered with Feed the Future Business Drivers for Food Safety (BD4FS), funded by USAID and implemented by Food Enterprise Solutions (FES), to increase product safety and quality. This partnership approach allows BD4FS to tailor capacity-building efforts to be relevant and applicable to the needs of Senegalese food businesses, according to the company's products and business objectives. 


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