Agricultural Market Systems Change Wheel

  • Date Posted: September 6, 2017
  • Authors: Vikāra Institute
  • Organizations: DAI, Vikāra Institute
  • Document Types: Tool, Other
  • Donor Type: Non-US Government Agency

The USAID Feed the Future Agricultural Value Chain (AVC) activity designed the Agricultural Market Systems Change Wheel to explore examples of the possible pathways that an agricultural market system may take as the system becomes more inclusive. It considers the patterns of behavior that drive the market system and the forces that support that change process.

The Change Wheel represents behavior change within core market systems (the inputs distribution network system and the supply chain management system) and behavior change within the systems that act as counterbalances and reinforcements to change that takes place in the core market systems (the agricultural support services systems, business services systems and other interconnected systems).

It can be used to better understand the relationship between different interventions on the market system, to identify the areas to work on and to assess which stage of change could be targeted to create a more inclusive market system. It provides a more holistic overview and understanding of system change than a more linear results chain.

The Change Wheel describes the behavior change that the market actors could progress through in order to become more inclusive. The behavior change is categorized by the level of change that may occur: the outer circle of the Change Wheel indicates early-stage change, the middle circle indicates mid-transition stage, and the inner circle indicates the tipping point for the market system to becoming a well-functioning, inclusive system.

Access a high-resolution version of the Change Wheel on the Market Systems Development Learning Hub website.

DAI is the main implementer of the USAID Feed the Future Agricultural Value Chain (AVC).