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Resource: Analysis and Financing for REDD+ and Carbon Markets

This post features a presentation by Dr. Eric Hyman from the USAID/Economic Growth, Education, and Environment Bureau

What Are REDD and REDD+?

Purpose:  Create financial value for carbon stored in forests in developing countries
Donor and multilateral development bank results-based funding
Market-based mechanisms allowing transfer of mitigation outcomes (many developed countries supported to have option for forest carbon offsets)
REDD:  Reducing GHG Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation
REDD+:  REDD plus
– Conservation of forest carbon stocks
– Sustainable management of forests
– Enhancement of forest carbon stocks
• Social benefits viewed as co-benefits
– Better governance, new livelihood options, land tenure, indigenous peoples rights
– May also be supported by Cancun, World Bank, or Green Climate Fund safeguards, where applicable