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This project is part of the U.S. Government's global hunger and food security initiative.

New Global Smallholder Farmer Investment Portal is Now Available

This new portal from the ISF Advisors allows providers and funders to explore ~100 different funds and spotlight deals to inform their agfinance investment strategies. 

With over 450 million smallholder farmers and a USD 200 billion financing need, the opportunity for investment is high. And while we’ve seen an influx in agricultural investments since 2006, global overseas development assistance (ODA) is slowing down, with agricultural ODA growth averaging around four percent per annum.

As aid budgets tighten, it is all the more important to leverage limited philanthropic capital to unleash investment capital through innovative or blended financing vehicles, investment structures, and collaborative platforms. We’re working to address this challenge with the newly launched Global Smallholder Farmer Investment Portal.

The Portal aims to give funders and financial service providers access to data and example deals to fuel more and smarter investments in smallholder finance. With informational access to ~100 funds and several spotlight deals, users will learn about different blended finance and impact investing approaches in smallholder finance to inform their investment and fundraising strategy.